With over 28 years of professional experience, Willow has done everything from non-fiction magazine articles to sci-fi comic book scripts, ghostwriting to TV pilots. She is extremely versatile and can match the voice of an existing character in a fictional story or write how-to craft project instructions with equal ease. Past and current projects include:

  • One-hour TV dramas
  • 30-minute reality/lifestyle shows
  • 11-minute animation scripts
  • Feature film scripts
  • Film and TV treatments and pitches
  • Celebrity Interviews and transcription
  • Documentary and voiceover scripts
  • Graphic novel scripts
  • Novels and short stories
  • Transmedia story elements
  • Non-fiction how-to books
  • Non-fiction magazine articles
  • Technical instructions
  • Ghostwriting
  • Catalog and web store copy
  • Blogging
  • Marketing and advertising

Example Projects

Vintage AmericaWriter
Sizzle reel script

The voiceover intro for this television show sizzle reel had to capture the purpose and vibe of the show, as well as the voice of the host, to be as compelling as possible for potential buyers. The segment introductions and questions the host asked each interviewee were also scripted, but with the freedom to ad-lib too.

Manos: The Debbie ChroniclesWriter/Project Manager
Multimedia IP

In this gritty reimagining of the cult classic film, little "Debbie" is all grown up and hunting monsters, including her own personal demons. Original actress Jackey Neyman Jones reprises her role from the 1966 film in this exciting multimedia collaboration that includes a comic book series.

Triune image

TriuneWriter/Project Manager
Sci-fi/Fantasy comics and novels

The Mason brothers, Brian, Michael, and Barrett, have grown up together as ordinary men, until the day that Mike discovers he's actually an angel. Where one goes, the other two follow, and soon the trio are scrambling to figure out what they are, what they can do, and what's coming next for them and for the world.

Isaac's WingsWriter/Project Manager
Sci-fi graphic novel

A sci-fi tale about a prisoner confronted by hostile alien life forms on another world. He must go native or die... which will he choose? Published as a digital graphic novel on Pulsar Entertainment.

Silky Sahnan PromoWriter
Marketing video script

The client had very specific needs for her law firm's promotional video, which had to be professional and informative while conveying the client's personality and warmth at the same time. Minimal changes were needed to this script which was completed on a tight deadline.

All Your Fates image.

All Your Fates
Featured contributing writer
Digital novel


All Your Fates is a highly popular transmedia tie-in with the sci-fi television drama The Karada, (in development).

"I love her work!" -- James Martin, writer/producer, The Karada, Heroes, Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja

"Her writing is brilliant. It gave me chills." -- Carrie Cutforth, writer/producer, The Karada, Queen Spade Creative

Read All Your Fates here.

Stan Lee / MTV Seekers ContestFinalist
Comic book script and treatment
MTV Geek!

This entry was a top-20 finalist for Stan Lee's The Seekers, a nation-wide talent search for comic book writers and artists. From the MTV Comics site, "Does this writer have the chops and the right vision to bring Stan's story to life? The 20 semi-finalists certainly all have that..."

Read the finalist script here.

Touch Set Visit ReportWriter
Blog article


An exclusive look behind the scenes during the filming of episode 201 of Touch, Willow was admitted to the set by personal invitation of Executive Producer Tim Kring.

Read the set visit report here.