Willow has varied experience with film/TV production, location management, and live event production, including:

  • Production coordination
  • Field producing
  • Familiarity with soundstage and location shoots
  • Editing oversight
  • Continuity
  • Shot logging
  • Release/permissions acquisition
  • Housing and rider fulfillment
  • Location scheduling and troubleshooting
  • Stage management
  • Talent booking

Example Projects

Vintage America with Ginger
TV Lifestyle Show Pitch Reel Producer, Field Producer, Writer

Production stills...

Feature Film Producer, Script Supervisor

Frisky wrap party. San Francisco, January, 2015

Shooting on location in San Francisco, January, 2015

Beach location shoot, San Francisco, January, 2015
Yeti: A Love Story - Life on the Streets
Feature Film Associate Producer, Props Master

The first day of shooting, on location in Los Angeles, May 31, 2014

Willow with Writer-Producer James Martin, first day of shooting on location in Los Angeles

The Road Within
Feature Film Location Assistant, Housing Arrangements

(l to r) Jason Madison (location manager), Gren Wells (director), Robert Sheehan (actor), Willow Polson, Dev Patel (actor), Zoe Kravitz (actor)

Vintage Day, Groveland CA
Public event Production Manager, Talent Coordinator, Event Creator

Willow, Ginger Pauley (band leader), Peggy Mosley (venue owner),
and the Hoosier Daddys.

Winter Magic
Comedy/magic show series Series creator, marketing, talent coordinator

Comedy magician Larry Wilson performing table-side sleight-of-hand.